Façade design of a 5* hotel in Nicosia, Cyprus

This project concerns the façade design of a multi-storey hotel in the center of Nicosia. Located nearby are two of the most notable examples of contemporary architecture with international outreach: Jean Nouvel’s Tower and Zaha Hadid’s Eleftheria Square. Our proposal aims to create a landmark within the dense network of notable architecture in modern Cyprus stating novelty, locality, recognizability and contemporary designing abilities, while responding to the demands of international architecture.
Our initial focus was the comprehension of the “naked” building geometry and then covering it with a shell that would be configured in relation to the interior spaces and the various activities that take place. There are two dynamic elements in particular - the swimming pool on the roof and entrance in the ground floor. These main spaces contribute to the overall extroversion and visibility of the building, penetrating the solid shell and revealing the inside. Moreover, they are creating a unifying opening that runs along the shell defining their importance. The dynamic of the opening is mostly enhanced at the top of the building, through a triangular canopy roof that is part of the shell as it turns and gets integrated with it. The shell obtains prismatic plasticity through the dynamic lines and triangular shapes that enclose the various parts of the building to a single form.
The prismatic shell is ruptured into a grid of thin louvers. Horizontally, they add up to the floor levels, relating the human scale to that of the building. Vertically, they interchange in size and thickness according to the interior, alternating the principle of the shell in a dynamic way. By doing this, the whole building exudes the feeling of interchanging elements that drift along. The cover of thin louvers constitutes a single metallic structure that is part of the curtain wall of the building.