Friday, 30 September 2016 18:16


The proposal is based on the redefinition of an education building in order to provide the springboard for supra-local integration of the University of Cyprus. The design is based on landscaping neurons which emulate the DNA chain and create unexpected connections, both between the interior of the school, and across open spaces. Creating a network of internal movements, a unification of the space and the individual functions is achieved.  This spatial gesture removes the linear conventional juxtaposition of spaces with intermediate corridors, thus creating a dynamic range of motions enriched with views towards the landscape, Aronas Hill and the building itself. A continuous three-dimensional circular course runs throughout the building, enriching the space with a theatricality, that is experienced through the daily appropriation of the space. The spaces communicate with each other, strengthening the bonds between fellow students, which fosters cooperation and equality.
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