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This project is about the expansion and the addition to an existing industrial building, creating office spaces, dining areas and warehouses. Besides that, two new separated buildings are constructed hosting industrial and storage operations. The design proposal is based on an elongate shape, as a reference to the existing shell, in order to establish the proper relation between the new and the old. Thus, the idea of an oblong structure that dissolves is generated, creating different space qualities and ensuring that all the areas are benefited by the natural lighting. The new volumes are both emerged and absorbed from the existing building, as we wander on them.
The industrial building with the office spaces, restaurants and warehouses is consisted of a basement, a ground floor and two more levels of metallic construction. The office and dining spaces are located above the ground and the secondary uses are installed in the basement.
The foundation of the construction, as well as its superstructure are made of reinforced concrete. At both of the industrial buildings, along their roofs, metallic cross sections will be placed in order to collect the rainwater and channel it to the outdoor spaces through gutters.
Last but not least, the warehouse building supports the proper function of the industrial complex.
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Friday, 27 April 2018 15:41


The existing five-storey building dates back to 1996 and it is characterised by its symmetrical shell and its monumental character. The total remodelling of the facade and the interior of the building highlights the contemporary capabilities and reinterprets the architecture of the past. The prior grid of the glass panes is replaced by impressive single glazing developed to the maximum permissible height and length, leaving the view outwards unimpeded. The notions of completeness and emptiness, of light and shade, coexist in a harmonious whole of geometries and volume. Furthermore, a cluster of unexpected sightings between indoors and outdoors, along with the element of slim openings, summarize this rhythmic change and outline the viewing and geometric elements. Horizontal consolidation elements of the two sturdy parts of the existing shell are added through single balconies and covers. The cover at the ground floor welcomes the visitor to the building, while the cover of the roof forms the coronation. In this way, the sense of consistency and succession of the distinct members of the building is completed. The built parapets on the roof are replaced with glass material, offering views of the Faliro Bay, in a green environment that develops around the roof.
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Thursday, 26 April 2018 16:23


The project is about the reconstruction of an existing house of 1955, of a total surface of 500sqm in P. Psychiko and its conversion into three independent residences. The aim is to modernize the building and redefine its aesthetic and functional rules. The building in its new version is perceived as a single sculpture which is characterized by the chromatic and the opaque continuity of its different sides. Independent entrances lead to the different residences, ensuring privacy, while at the same time there is an overall treatment of the building that leads to a unified aesthetic result that harmonizes with the natural environment of P. Psychico.
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